"Lucas is REALLY enjoying playing the piano and REALLY enjoying being able to read music! He's on the piano all the time!"

Tereska - Seatoun School

Happy Kids Learn Faster!

We teach group piano lessons to children aged 6-11.
Our aim is to take complete beginners to a ‘Grade 1’ level in the most enjoyable and cost-effective way.

Lessons for beginners should be affordable and parents should expect results!
We guarantee outcomes for all our short courses and your child will learn to read music.
Our lessons are $15/week and there are no hidden costs.

Kids love our themed curriculum!
Imagine your child coming home and proudly playing their first Pirate or Animal song!

Secret-Agents, Star Wars, Nursery Rhymes, Movie themes, Classical pieces, and songs from the radio.
We teach short and ‘punchy’ pieces so students feel like they’ve moved mountains with their weekly success!

There’s something for everyone and we teach nearly 400 students in Wellington, Dunedin and New Plymouth. Sign up for a free trial and join us today!

"Thanks for choosing such lovely pieces for Alice to play.
I think you have given her a keen interest in music through your positive fun approach - what a great way for her to start!"

Anna - Seatoun School

How does a group piano lesson work?

No matter how much time a beginner spends with a teacher, they can only learn so much in a week.
They need time to practice new musical ideas.

We’ve spent 5 years creating a teaching method that slowly builds on existing knowledge.
As a first priority, we teach students to read music so they can practice independently – and this is where the magic happens!
Under our guidance, students teach themselves to play the piano.
As long as the pieces are fun, students become active and engaged learners.

This allows a teacher to move around the room and help students work at their own pace.
Our lessons are less than half the price of private lessons, and nearly as effective.
We want as many children as possible to learn to read music.

"The group lessons are fantastic value for money and you provide great communication each week. Thanks for fostering Emily's love and enthusiasm for music."

Sarah - Seatoun School

Teaching Locations

  • Wellington Southern Suburbs
  • Newtown School (Tuesday and Thursday during the school day)

  • New Plymouth
  • Westown – Barclay Hall (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons)

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