Piano Lessons in the Miramar Community Centre

You’re just a few clicks away from your child’s next musical adventure!

Great choice – our group classes are the perfect way for beginners to get started.
Our weekly lesson price ($16.50) is all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

How does a group lesson work?

No matter how much time a beginner spends with a teacher,  students can only learn so much in a week – They need time to practice new musical ideas. Group lessons take the pressure off young students and make the process more enjoyable.

As a first priority, we teach students to read music so they can practice independently – and this is where the magic happens! Under our guidance, students teach themselves to play the piano.

As long as the pieces are fun, students become active and engaged learners. This allows a teacher to move around the room and help students work at their own pace.

We don't have a keyboard/piano at home - does this matter?

While having an instrument at home does make a different to progress we appreciate there will be some hesitancy while you try to gauge your child’s level of interest and commitment. There are piano apps for tablets that we can recommend.

We also have a rent-to-own keyboard deal where we can help you pay down a keyboard over successive schools terms (or simply offer you a really good price on a brand new keyboard)

Lesson Details

Venue: 33 Chelsea Street.
Lessons are in the ‘Small Room’ located at the south side of the building.
(Entrance from street through the old creche door).

Cost: $16.50/session (Max 4 students per class).

Our Class Schedule:






Teachers: Danielle van der Zwaag (Tuesdays), Jack England (Wednesdays), Troy Weenink (Thursdays), 

Nuts and Bolts
If you are a new student, your first lesson is a free trial. You’ll then have the option to keep your time for the rest of the term (and every term after that for as long as you continue with us).